Secrets & Tips For Beautiful Skin

Simple Tips For Beautiful Healthy Skin

Our skin constantly renews itself by shedding billions of cells each day. There are times when a makeover is in order. Unlike other body systems, we can physically notice when our skin is ready to be made over. The skin displays its needs in the form of itchy rash, eczema, acne, or other visible marks. You may notice that wounds and cuts no longer heal as quickly as they did in the past. The appearance of little red spots or unexplainable bruises appear. For others, it could be oiliness or dryness or paleness that call their attention for a skin makeover.


Skin Make Over Secret Tip 1 – Groom Yourself To Bed

sleep well

The bags under your eyes are a giveaway that you are not sleeping enough. Lack of sleep or insufficient sleep tend to make your skin pale, sallow-looking and unhealthy. During your sleep, blood flow increases to your skin.  A lack of sleep will mean your skin receive less of the nutrient-rich circulation. It’s important to set a regular bedtime routine that you follow before you turn the lights out. This is what “grooming yourself to bed” means. For instance, no more study or work, instead read a relaxing book. Listen to calming music, have a cup of calming herbal tea or soak yourself in a hot bath. Cool down the bedroom so you can sleep comfortably.


 Skin Make Over Secret Tip 2 – Boost Up Your Nutrients

Beautiful skin requires a make-up of nutrients. When Vitamin A is low, your skin will furst turn to “goose flesh”, then a dry scaly toad skin. EFA deficiency or low Vitamin B will add to this condition. Boost up Vitamin A intake by consuming foods like yellow, green, orange vegetables, eggs and cod liver oil.

strawberries - vitamin for beautiful skin



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