Top 5 Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedure in Singapore

Singapore’s Top 5 Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Breast augmentation (Mammoplasty) is among the top 5 plastic surgery procedures done for women who want to enlarge the size of their breasts. Another popular breast enhancement surgery commonly done in combination with breast implant surgery is Breast lift (Mastopexy). Breast lift procedure is done for post pregnant and nursing mothers who want to restore their pre-pregnancy breast shape and have a firmer, perkier and more youthful breast contour. A skillful plastic surgeon who specialize in breast enhancement surgery can help create an overall natural looking and well proportioned breast. To learn more about who make the best candidates for breast augmentation and breast lift enhancement surgery, you may visit this website


Liposuction, best known as a fat removal procedure, is another popular cosmetic surgery done for individuals who want to get rid of their excess and stubborn deposits of fat that simply unable to be removed through diet and exercise. This procedure helps to refine an individual’s body shape and improve their body contour. The skillful dermatologic or plastic surgeon simply vacuum out the fat from the patient’s hip, belly, thigh, buttock or face through a small incision.


Next on the list is nose job or known as nose reshaping (Rhinoplasty). Under the hands of a skillful plastic surgeon, the nose can be refined and reshaped to enhance an individual’s beauty and improve overall appearance. Rhinoplasty is done for individuals who want to straighten crooked nose, refine or reduce the size of their nose that is too wide and large for their face and to restore symmetry to their nose after an injury.



Facelift surgery is next on the list among the middle age men and women who like to “turn back the clock” and restore a younger version of herself or himself. With a facelift surgery, the skillful plastic surgeon simply tighten and lift the deep facial tissues, remove excess, sagging skin, and smooth out deep folds from patients who are concerned with the signs of aging on their face and help them regain a more youthful and better appearance.

Next to facelift will be eyelid lift surgery (Blepharoplasty). Just like facelift procedure, an eyelid lift surgery can restore a more open, youthful, and refreshed appearance to tired-looking, aging eyes. Under the hands of a skillful surgeon, blepharoplasty is done to address sagging skin, reduce puffiness, remove wrinkles and correct other signs of aging on the eyelids.


Aging has an impact not just on the face, eyes, and body but also to our hair. Nearly everyone has some hair loss with aging. Many men start showing signs of baldness by the time they are 40 years old. Balding is a big concern for many, and hair transplantation is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure performed on men today. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure done to done to help bring back what looks like a full — or at least a fuller — head of hair by transplanting new follicles into balding or thinning areas. To learn more about the different hair transplant techniques and who are the right candidate for hair transplant surgery, you may check this website

To learn more about how to choose the right plastic surgeon for the above cosmetic procedures in Singapore, you can check this website




Secrets & Tips For Beautiful Skin

Simple Tips For Beautiful Healthy Skin

Our skin constantly renews itself by shedding billions of cells each day. There are times when a makeover is in order. Unlike other body systems, we can physically notice when our skin is ready to be made over. The skin displays its needs in the form of itchy rash, eczema, acne, or other visible marks. You may notice that wounds and cuts no longer heal as quickly as they did in the past. The appearance of little red spots or unexplainable bruises appear. For others, it could be oiliness or dryness or paleness that call their attention for a skin makeover.


Skin Make Over Secret Tip 1 – Groom Yourself To Bed

sleep well

The bags under your eyes are a giveaway that you are not sleeping enough. Lack of sleep or insufficient sleep tend to make your skin pale, sallow-looking and unhealthy. During your sleep, blood flow increases to your skin.  A lack of sleep will mean your skin receive less of the nutrient-rich circulation. It’s important to set a regular bedtime routine that you follow before you turn the lights out. This is what “grooming yourself to bed” means. For instance, no more study or work, instead read a relaxing book. Listen to calming music, have a cup of calming herbal tea or soak yourself in a hot bath. Cool down the bedroom so you can sleep comfortably.


 Skin Make Over Secret Tip 2 – Boost Up Your Nutrients

Beautiful skin requires a make-up of nutrients. When Vitamin A is low, your skin will furst turn to “goose flesh”, then a dry scaly toad skin. EFA deficiency or low Vitamin B will add to this condition. Boost up Vitamin A intake by consuming foods like yellow, green, orange vegetables, eggs and cod liver oil.

strawberries - vitamin for beautiful skin



Beauty 101

Back To Basic – Beauty 101
Your inner health will impact your overall look. Natural beauty care may take more time to attain the desired effects, but they last longer! In this article,  we will be offering some ways to boost your beauty and wellness, starting from hair to leg. Read on carefully to discover honest and unbiased informative data on anything and everything associated with skincare tips.

When used regularly, you will discover noticeable improvement. These procedures are costly, but the outcomes may be dramatic. Though, there are various beauty treatments exclusively for men, they might not serve the fundamental aim of maintenance.

You have to select a foundation with a yellow base as a way to create the naturally flawless appearance. They just ought to take some distinctive care to keep up the magic. Then, selecting the right sort of foundation is the subsequent step for obtaining a stunning makeover. It follows that these products may be used for over one purpose in your beauty routine.

Beauty Secrets That No One Else Knows About
Seek the advice of your hairdresser, about which style will fit your face structure best. You’ll discover the compliments from others are going to follow and this will increase your confidence no end. Try a minimum of one or every one of these strategies and also you will most definitely be feeling beautiful right away. As a matter of fact, beauty is all about looking and feeling good about yourself.

picture of beautiful woman

For a much more luminous result, you may combine the two. Your body also undergoes lots of changes. Well, I say it’s the beauty of the woman which makes the world a better place. It’s really easy to make, it merely takes you few minutes.

The Honest Truth on Beauty Tips

So, you really need to be certain that you apply sunscreen and keep from the sun so far as possible. One other important thing to bear in mind when trying to receive glowing skin will be to quit smoking. Take total cream milk in a little bowl.

Here are five methods to utilize lemon juice as segment of your routine beauty routine. Facial scrubs exfoliate the face and are a vital portion of a skincare routine.Sugar and tomatoes make a best skin combination to be used in sugar scrubs which is probably the simplest DIY homemade skincare product ever. Oh, the advantages of olive oil. Include a lot of fresh produce in your daily diet.

Using Beauty Tips
Cleansing your skin is the initial segment of your daily skincare routine. Following a natural beauty regime along with your regular one will help keep it fresh and beautiful. Once or even twice a week is sufficient for face scrubbing so as to avoid too irritated skin. Don’t try to smudge or rub within the concealer on your own skin.  They’re more common in people who have fair skin. This can remove all blemishes from the epidermis and boost its softness. It is going to help fade the dark circles, and will likewise reduce puffiness. It is also going to help to renew the organic pH level of the epidermis, and close pores.

picture of lady using face mask

The Beauty  Stories
It’s possible for You to try these techniques to find that flawless glow. Do get an easy DIY teeth-whitening kit, which you need to have the ability to purchase from the local supermarket or chemist store for $10-30 dollars. Following a few minutes, clean your hands with cold water. Just take care to rinse off well. Reapply, if out within the sun for at least four hours.

You can employ this all-natural scrub on rough areas such as the elbows and knees. Waxing and threading ought to be done regularly. Use the mask to your own face and leave for approximately ten minutes. Strictly stop facials per week prior to your wedding.